When a student struggles with academics, sometimes it’s related to subject matter and other times it’s because they’re overwhelmed with the ever-increasing demands of school.  Either way, there are outstanding resources available to help them succeed. Everyone has heard of an academic tutor, but have you heard of an academic coach?  Sometimes the titles can be used interchangeably, but they are actually two very different approaches to student support.  We’ve outline the differences below.



Tutors tend to focus on helping students with subject content. For example a math tutor may help a student prepare for an upcoming math exam.  

Coaches focus on equipping students with skills that can be applied across their curriculum such as note-taking and test-taking techniques, effective studying methods, and tools for time management.

Tutors are often used on an as-needed basis, when a student needs help with a specific course or subject matter.

Coaches build relationships with students and are meant to be a trusted long-term resource for all things related to academic success.

A tutor has no expectations of the student beyond the work for each session.

An academic coach will require the completion of specific readings and exercises outside of each session. This promotes personal and academic growth in the student.

A tutor responds to the needs of the student

A coach anticipates the needs of student

There's no official credential needed to become a tutor.  

The academic coaches at ACS are life-long educators who have pursued a career in higher education or personal development.  


Our coaches are dedicated to providing an exceptional experience that is custom-tailored to the individual needs of your student.