One-On-One High School & College Academic Coaching Programs

We have a variety of programs available for your high school or college student. No matter where they struggle or shine, we have a coach who can work with them right where they are. Our programs are purposeful in design and work with your son or daughter’s strengths to enhance what they already know. We focus on accountability and follow-through, using proactive planning techniques and savage study strategies that teach students to work more efficiently and balance their time. Take a moment to look through the short program descriptions below and see if your student would identify with one of them. Or take our quiz to see which program seems to suit them best. Call us today to discuss how we can customize any program to fit your needs.


Covid Catch Up helps support students who have struggled to get back on track since the pandemic.                              

We’ll assign your student a professional coach who will assist them with motivation, overcoming anxieties, and reintroduction of deadlines. We will provide that missing piece that has been holding them back. 


Academic 911 is for students who are at risk of academic probation and need immediate intervention.

Our coaches will help them to address the most pressing issues, create a plan to get back into good standing, and learn proactive strategies that will prevent similar issues in the future. 


Athletic Eligibility Fast Track helps students regain their athletic eligibility and good academic standing. 

Coaches will hold student accountable for completing work on time and to a high standard. They will instill a sense of necessary balance and help them set and achieve academic goals. 


Thrive for Gifted Students offers support for students who appear to have it all together. 

Often, gifted students perform very well, but are exhausted or stressed in the process. This program helps them find balance and strategies to study smarter, not harder. 


Senior Connections: College Prep offers a way for your high school senior to start preparing for their college years right now. 

Coaches begin teaching methods of studying, organization and time management that will benefit them greatly as they approach this big transition. Differences between high school and college will be explored, goals will be set and action plans made.     


Academic Reset is for students who have lost their motivation or confidence due to an academic setback. 

When a student experiences an academic setback or are being retained a grade, a lot of questions and emotions can come with that. Helping them to work through these and finding answers is our focus. Our coaches want to ensure that they will be equipped with the right tools to move forward, building confidence and utilizing their strengths.


What Our Students Say



” The program has geared me up for success not only in the classroom but also in life. Having a dedicated plan day in and day out has helped me achieve so much. With the help and guidance from ACS, I was able to graduate college (which I never thought could happen) and have helped me land my dream job right out of college! Thank you ACS!! “


Joe D.

” I was able to improve my test scores, improve my overall grades and even make dean’s list. I also gained a new mentor, coach, and friend. I am using the skills I learned through ACS daily in my career such as planning, focusing, and prioritizing my tasks each day. “


Carolina B.

” I struggle with time management and I have learned that I need accountability to finish and reach my goals. Having someone who cares about my success, offering tools and strategies to get there, has been crucial for my professional and personal development. I am so grateful for this support from ACS in this journey. “