Professional Tutors in Olmsted Falls OH

Are you looking to start the school year strong and feel confident about your teen’s progress? Academic Coaching Specialists is the leading provider of professional tutors in Olmsted Falls, OH. 

Highly educated and ready to help, our tutors are here to make a difference! 

Let us help your student get through their most difficult class or material this year. We will equip them with skills that can be applied to other areas and help them to start problem-solving more independently. Your student will see results when they commit to working together with their tutor. From better grades, to increased confidence to less stress-they can experience it all this year! Let this be their time to regain that sense of control they are seeking. 

Students LOVE tutors from ACS! Our tutors and coaches make learning fun! We work with your student’s learning preferences to make sure learning material does not have to be harder than it should. Above all, we make it a positive and engaging experience so that they want to repeat it! You know how they can dread a certain class; it can ruin the outlook for an entire day in some cases. By changing their perspective and giving them a different experience with the subject matter, they will begin to understand that what they find most stressful can have a completely different feel if they choose to view it differently.


Our college academic coaching program focuses on supporting students through organization, time management, goal setting and accountability.


Has your student found themselves on academic probation or falling behind in their college coursework?  Our expert educators can help! 


Our high school academic coaches teach students how to organize, prioritize and utilize effective study, note and test taking strategies.


If your high school student is stressed with their demanding course load or needs help getting back on top of a challenging subject, give us a call.

How Can Academic Coaching Help My Struggling Teenage Student?

If you feel like they need help with things like time management and organization, an academic coach is a good option to consider. Here are a few ways they can help:

1. Provide Mentorship

Coaches in athletics are commonly seen as mentors or guides for students to look to for advice. Academic coaches are there for much the same reason. A coach will walk along the student, providing feedback and encouragement. They will let them know when they need to “step it up” and also teach them to be resilient after a loss. This is a relationship that students find great value in, and they often credit much of their success to their coach.

2. Act as an Ally

Often students who struggle with executive function issues find it embarrassing that they have trouble with things that seem so natural to others. Remembering to turn things in, keeping track of when multiple things are due, or when test are. They can shy away from asking for help because they feel like they should know how to do these things. Sometimes, other adults in their life can make them feel even worse by accusing them of being lazy or apathetic. A coach provides support and motivation. They are there to demonstrate the skills that students long to learn but were never taught. This instills confidence that naturally spills over into other areas and builds a trust between student and coach that is unmatched.

3. Parent Communication

You want to support your son/daughter the best you can. Sometimes it can be challenging to help them when they can’t even express what they need help with in the first place! This can be incredibly frustrating for both your teen and you. Allow us to provide clear and concise communication about what it is they are working on, what their challenges are, and how they are making progress. Each week, our coach will send a snapshot report that includes this information and offers ways you can help support them at home.



What Our Students Say



” The program has geared me up for success not only in the classroom but also in life. Having a dedicated plan day in and day out has helped me achieve so much. With the help and guidance from ACS, I was able to graduate college (which I never thought could happen) and have helped me land my dream job right out of college! Thank you ACS!! “


Joe D.

” I was able to improve my test scores, improve my overall grades and even make dean’s list. I also gained a new mentor, coach, and friend. I am using the skills I learned through ACS daily in my career such as planning, focusing, and prioritizing my tasks each day. “


Carolina B.

” I struggle with time management and I have learned that I need accountability to finish and reach my goals. Having someone who cares about my success, offering tools and strategies to get there, has been crucial for my professional and personal development. I am so grateful for this support from ACS in this journey. “