Growth, Persistence and Achievement


Academic Coaching Specialists is offering a unique opportunity to 10 high schools. Our new Growth, Persistence & Achievement program was formulated to address the most common challenges faced by students and educators today.

  • 20 Week Program, Beginning Fall 2022
  • Pilot will Include: 10 High Schools with Up to 10 Students Per School Total
  • Investment $10,800 (or $1,080 Per Student)
  • ESSER Funding Approved
  • Deadline For Participation: July 15, 2022

Call For Details (216) 264-3150


Gives the ability to offer one-on-one academic support to students who need it most, without exhausting your internal resources.

You will notice a rise in participating student performance, including improved confidence, preparedness and grades.

Participating students will learn critical life skills that can be applied in the classroom such as organization, time management and accountability.

Reduce teacher burnout.

Improved grades and standardized test performance.

ESSER Funding approved! Our services fall under allowable usage of ESSER and other emergency relief funds that have been established to assist with learning loss

How it Works:

  • You’ve seen a decline in student performance, with more students on or headed towards academic and/or athletic probation
  • Your school’s standardized test performance has declined
  • Your students need more one-on-one attention than your teachers are able to keep up with
  • You are experiencing a staff shortage
  • You are looking for an effective way to reduce teacher burnout

Your School is a Great Candidate if:

Once a week, for 20 total weeks, students will meet one-on-one with one of our highly trained, experienced educators to work on what it is they need most. Our programs are devised to meet students where they are at and to give them the tools and attention they need to be successful. From critical life skills such as time management and accountability to test prep and subject-matter tutoring, our mentorship will help guide them through a tough subject or tough year.

Coaching sessions are conducted via Zoom, and can be scheduled during class time, study hall, or even after school.

Why Academic Coaching Specialists?

  • Our coaches are experienced life-long educators
  • Our programs set students up for long-term success, by teaching vital skills that will help them succeed in high school, college and beyond
  • Our coaches are experienced in working with all types of students including those with ADHD, ADD, Anxiety, and Executive Functioning Disorder