The ACS Amazing Educator of the Month Award recognizes excellence in teaching by honoring high school and college educators who have made a profound impact on the lives of their students.   Every student can remember the teacher, administrator or guidance counselor who motivated them during challenging times, encouraged them to reach beyond the ordinary or inspired them to pursue their dreams.  By nominating them, you can help us recognize and celebrate their incredible dedication to making a difference.

Nominations will be reviewed and a new winner selected every month.  To help celebrate their amazing accomplishment, winners will receive dinner for two at a restaurant of their choice.

Judy Walley

Chemistry Teacher/ CCP Chemistry Professor, Teays Valley High School

September 2021 Amazing Educator

After 12 years of serving as a School Counselor at Teays Valley High School, I can honestly share that Judy Walley’s name is the consistent teacher that I hear from my students who are making an impact on them personally and academically.  Each student shares how Mrs. Walley truly cares about their success both in and outside of the classroom.  In addition, I keep in contact with many of our previous graduates and when asked, “who do you feel prepared you most for college?” the answer is consistent: Judy Walley.  Judy challenges each student in her classroom and helps them realize their full potential.  If a student does not understand a specific lab, she is the first person to give up lunch and stay after school to help that student learn the topic and succeed.  Judy differentiates instruction to help all learners achieve.

In addition to her dynamic presentation style in the classroom, Judy also has served for over 20 years as a student council advisor and senior advisor.  She brings a ray of joy into every meeting with her creative ideas.  Judy Walley has inspiring mind and the unique ability to share that with both students and staff.

Dr. Deanna Hasty

North Atlanta High School

August 2021 Amazing Educator

As North Atlanta HS’s school counselor for Class of 2021 (500+ students), I required seniors to submit a brag sheet to assist me in the writing of what amounted to hundreds of college letters of recommendation. As I read student entries, the number of students who wrote about the positive impact Dr Deanna Hasty had on them left me in awe. Nearly 10% of the senior class wrote how Dr Hasty’s class influenced them not only as developing writers and scholars, but personally as well.

Students’ reflections of their AP Lang class experience were profound and moving, particularly considering most students had her class 2 years prior. A recurring theme was the increase in self-confidence students developed as a writer due to her teaching, mentoring and guidance. Students repeatedly expressed how they viewed writing as an academic strength, even though many had previously considered it to be a weaker subject for them. Students attributed their overall high school academic success to the academic and organizational skills they developed in Dr Hasty’s class.

Dr Hasty leaves an impression on her students which empowers them with the tools, knowledge and confidence they need to be successful well beyond her classroom.

Dr. Patricia Ford

Principal - South Atlanta High School

July 2021 Amazing Educator

She has taken on many challenges to make sure that her school prepares its students for college and career readiness. Dr. Ford is passionate about making sure her students are prepared for the opportunities that await them when they graduate high school.

Dr. Jason Black

Associate Professor, School of Business and Industry - Florida A&M University

June 2021 Amazing Educator

Dr. Black not only manages a summer STEM program for youth aspiring jobs in the STEM profession, he serves on several committees  that enhance the overall academic achievement of students in the SBI at the university. Dr. Black instructs  both graduate and undergraduate students in System Theory courses  and has found much success in their overall achievement. Dr. Black spends countless hours developing new ideas and practices to prepare his students to be successful in an ever changing global community.


Current or former students, parents or fellow educator.
High school and college professors, teachers, school administrators or guidance counselors who are employed full or part time at any type of school (public, public charter, or private, for example) in the United States.
A current or former student, colleague or parent nominates an educator who has made a difference in the lives of students. Once a month ACS will review all active nominations and select 1 winner. The winning nomination will be posted to the ACS website and promoted on social media.
The monthly contest winner will receive a $100 gift card to a restaurant of their choice. At the end of the year, all of the winners from the previous 12 months will be entered into a drawing to win a $500 cash prize.
Yes! We want every nominee to get the recognition they deserve. He / she will receive an email notification with a copy of the nomination.
A new winner will be selected every month and will be notified by phone or email.