Is College for me in Amarillo, TX?

With all that has happened these last few years, is your high school student trying to decide, “Is College for me in Amarillo, TX?”

If they are worried about having support and expertise at their fingertips, look no further than Academic Coaching Specialists! Our coaches and tutors are able to guide them every step of the way and make the transition to college seamless! 

Have turning in assignments and staying organized been a challenge? If so, they are not alone. Most students have had some setbacks as a result of the pandemic and for those with executive function issues or ADHD, this has been exacerbated. A coach from ACS can help guide your student and keep them on track all semester. With our engaging curriculum, we will follow them from the first week to finals. Each week they will work with their coach to create a step-by-step plan of action that will keep them focused and always working toward a goal.


Our college academic coaching program focuses on supporting students through organization, time management, goal setting and accountability.


Has your student found themselves on academic probation or falling behind in their college coursework?  Our expert educators can help! 


Our high school academic coaches teach students how to organize, prioritize and utilize effective study, note and test taking strategies.


If your high school student is stressed with their demanding course load or needs help getting back on top of a challenging subject, give us a call.

Keeping Track of Grades-predicting the future?

The system has put students and teachers in a position where they have to predict the future. Many teachers have to hold off on entering some assignments or test grades until everyone in the class is able to complete them. This makes it almost impossible to determine a class average. Additionally, they frequently have multiple classes with the same assignments that are being given at different times. This can create a gap between when these are given and allowed to be returned. 

Long story short- to really understand how your student is doing in a class, they will have to be responsible for estimating their own grade and checking in frequently with the teacher to make sure their calculations are accurate. This skill transfers to college in that they will be doing much the same thing to calculate and estimate their GPA. This is just one example of how a coach can work together with your student to show them how to be a proactive problem-solver.

Tutoring Options

Tutoring options are available for the semester as well. If a student or coach identifies a lack of understanding in a content area, a tutor will be suggested. Our ACS tutors are extremely qualified to work with students because not only are they experts in their fields, they are also expert educators. They know how to teach difficult material in a number of ways so that it can be understood. They can ask questions that determine if the student has full comprehension, or needs clarification. Above all, they are dedicated to the success of their students. Their experience will guide them in the method or technique that will work best and they will follow up to ensure comprehension.



What Our Students Say



” The program has geared me up for success not only in the classroom but also in life. Having a dedicated plan day in and day out has helped me achieve so much. With the help and guidance from ACS, I was able to graduate college (which I never thought could happen) and have helped me land my dream job right out of college! Thank you ACS!! “


Joe D.

” I was able to improve my test scores, improve my overall grades and even make dean’s list. I also gained a new mentor, coach, and friend. I am using the skills I learned through ACS daily in my career such as planning, focusing, and prioritizing my tasks each day. “


Carolina B.

” I struggle with time management and I have learned that I need accountability to finish and reach my goals. Having someone who cares about my success, offering tools and strategies to get there, has been crucial for my professional and personal development. I am so grateful for this support from ACS in this journey. “