Providing Academic Support for Gifted Students Post Pandemic

Providing academic support for gifted students is often something schools do not think of. These students are outperforming their peers academically, but are they thriving in other areas?

Do they put such stress on themselves that they have developed an unhealthy expectation? Do they have healthy peer relationships? Are they engaged in extracurricular activities? Perhaps they are over involved and are not managing to get in enough downtime. All of these challenges and more come with being a gifted student and it can be easy to forget that these students need support and enrichment as well. Though these students know what it takes to achieve, they may lack some vital resiliency that could challenge them when things go wrong. We work to instill a healthy balance that allow for these high-performing students to pivot when change is necessary.


Our coaches are dedicated to providing an exceptional experience that is custom-tailored to the individual needs of your student.

Thrive Helps to Optimize and Enrich Student Academic Experiences

In the Thrive program, our highly trained coaches will work to bring more self-awareness to these top performers, laying out a plan to achieve their goals, and enrich their experience. Steps to getting into the college of their choice, achieving non-academic goals, helping them deal with change, stress reduction techniques, and overcoming anxieties are among what is covered with students. They will dissect how they learn best and use this realization to help optimize and enrich their future experiences with academia, as they prepare for college and beyond. This is a great tool to help them maximize their test scores and prepare for the SAT/ACTs. The coach will be there as a mentor and resource, reminding them that even though they can achieve great things on their own, they don’t have to do it alone! 

Providing One-On-One Academic Coaching for Gifted Learners

We will cover expectations of college as compared to high school, how to prepare for college (more than just the courses), and share thoughts and advice from a mentor who has gone before them with similar traits. The coaches who work with this group have extensive training in working with gifted students, many of whom were gifted students themselves. This creates a unique bond that students appreciate. Having a mentor who really can relate to their situations and openly share feelings or challenges can provide immeasurable benefits. 


Make the most of your ESSER funding with one-on-on academic coaching solutions from ACS.

What Our Students Say



” The program has geared me up for success not only in the classroom but also in life. Having a dedicated plan day in and day out has helped me achieve so much. With the help and guidance from ACS, I was able to graduate college (which I never thought could happen) and have helped me land my dream job right out of college! Thank you ACS!! “


Joe D.

” I was able to improve my test scores, improve my overall grades and even make dean’s list. I also gained a new mentor, coach, and friend. I am using the skills I learned through ACS daily in my career such as planning, focusing, and prioritizing my tasks each day. “


Carolina B.

” I struggle with time management and I have learned that I need accountability to finish and reach my goals. Having someone who cares about my success, offering tools and strategies to get there, has been crucial for my professional and personal development. I am so grateful for this support from ACS in this journey. “