Academic 911

Our Academic 911© program supports students who are failing classes or even faced with the possibility of repeating a grade.  Drastic and immediate academic intervention is needed.

The program works to promote academic recovery by pairing each at-risk student with their own personal academic coach who will quickly assess their situation, creating a plan to begin remediation. Tactics include using your school LMS to identify missing work, creating a schedule to complete it, and teaching strategies to begin a more proactive approach to their assignment preparation and completion. A strong emphasis will also be placed on learning to manage time, how to study effectively, and test taking techniques.


Our coaches are dedicated to providing an exceptional experience that is custom-tailored to the individual needs of your student.

Experienced Educators Dedicated to Your Students’ Academic Recovery

Coaches will shoulder up with students, building a relationship and helping to reduce stress. They take away the fear and overwhelm of, “where do I start?”  They teach them to break assignments and studying down into actionable steps that can be done incrementally. The coach will follow up on each item and hold the student accountable for its completion. Together they work to change habits and develop a new mindset that will serve the student well in all their future endeavors, academically and beyond.

Our coaches are amazing and experienced educators who, like you, are driven to see students succeed. They have proven results working with even the most challenging student situations, and have worked with a diverse population of learners throughout their careers. They are dedicated to the academic recovery of the student, and will work to instill confidence, provide encouragement, and equip them with tools and skills that will allow them to improve their academic performance.

ACS Provides Immediate Learning Intervention to Put Students on a Path to Academic Recovery

This program is for students at your school who need immediate academic intervention, and can and should be paired with other resources that are appropriate for the individual student. If they are on a 504 plan or have an IEP, Academic 911 can be implemented as a method of support/intervention. It is important to note that many students who receive academic coaching also utilize subject specific tutoring, school or outside counseling services, career counseling and others. Students benefit greatly from the combination of support, and remembering that they need wholistic care, coaches attempt to bring together resources, demonstrating relevance and benefit to the student.   

Academic 911 can be utilized at your school in a number of ways. Start by identifying students who are most at-risk, and determine a time of day that will be most appropriate to work with their coach. This could be before, during, or after the school day, and generally utilize 2 meetings each week for 1 hour each. This is a very scalable program, in that we have a large number of coaches available to work individually with students.

Whether you have just a few students in mind or a larger group identified by grade level, Academic Coaching Specialists can provide immediate learning intervention and get those students on the road to academic recovery. Contact us today.


Make the most of your ESSER funding with one-on-on academic coaching solutions from ACS.

What Our Students Say



” The program has geared me up for success not only in the classroom but also in life. Having a dedicated plan day in and day out has helped me achieve so much. With the help and guidance from ACS, I was able to graduate college (which I never thought could happen) and have helped me land my dream job right out of college! Thank you ACS!! “


Joe D.

” I was able to improve my test scores, improve my overall grades and even make dean’s list. I also gained a new mentor, coach, and friend. I am using the skills I learned through ACS daily in my career such as planning, focusing, and prioritizing my tasks each day. “


Carolina B.

” I struggle with time management and I have learned that I need accountability to finish and reach my goals. Having someone who cares about my success, offering tools and strategies to get there, has been crucial for my professional and personal development. I am so grateful for this support from ACS in this journey. “