Academic Coaching & Tutoring for Students with Anxiety

Many students are facing an increase in anxiety levels. This can be due to any number of factors, including the pandemic and rapidly changing learning environment they are in. For students prone to anxious behavior, changes such as these can cause great distress and extreme difficulty with daily functions, including focus. 

Students who struggle with anxiety are often overwhelmed by seemingly small tasks, where an outsider may think they are making a “big deal” out of something rather trivial. To the student with anxiety, however, the matter is not trivial and in fact becomes very important to them. They often feel like each situation is the most important or pivotal one ever, and as such, have understandably high stress levels surrounding the assignment. 

Providing an academic coach can help students with anxiety to:

1. Build more confidence in their abilities

2. Develop a healthy balance between academic achievement and social endeavors

3. Demonstrate ways to receive and implement feedback

4. Enjoy the learning process and start to learn for more than the next test

Why Does Academic Coaching Work?

By addressing what it is that causes the student stress head-on, it allows them to get that part out of the way and begin focus on the task at hand. The coach will monitor the effort and advise whether there is too much emphasis being put in inappropriate areas and can gently redirect. A healthy balance is encouraged, and students are prompted to try new techniques and strategies that will help them see that there is often more than just one way to achieve goals. 

Our coaches are patient and kind. They understand how sensitive anxiety issues are and know how to talk to and work with students who struggle with ongoing anxiety.

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